Misa medical supplies is a South African black owned company that specialises in the supply of a wide variety of cost-efficient medical equipment and disposables to the health care providers and facilities. At Misa medical we are committed to sustainability of our products and operational practices, we deliver the very best customer service experience. We also continuously endeavour to reduce costs by sourcing wholesale medical supplies from all over the globe. We are passionate


Misa medical supplies strives to be the most reliable and trustworthy supplier of medical consumables to the health care providers. Our main goal and vision is to find and provide quality products at a reasonable and competitive price, we will also work hard to find clients products even if they are not on our products list.


At Misa Medical Supplies we pride ourselves in promoting our values integrity, honesty, great customer service and turnaround time ensuring that we meet and exceed customer expectations. We also provide products of high standard and quality we never ever compromise on quality; we strive to be the best in the business and treat every client no matter what size of the business with utmost respect and approach.


Should your company have any special requirements regarding our delivery lead time or needs special packaging we will work hard to try and find a solution best suited for both parties because we want to build a business relationship that satisfies our customers needs and serve to the best of our abilities.


.Private and state-owned Clinics, Doctors.
.Medical companies including hospitals
.Ambulance services
.Retirement Villages
.Old age homes and homes for the physically disabled.
.Nurseries and pharmaceutical.


Doctor & lab coats, Surgical masks, Paper face mask.
Disposable Aprons all colours (G, Y, R, W, B).
Disposal gloves and clear gloves.
Head covers, Plastic shoe covers.
Collars& braces support (Ankle, Knee, Elbow, Wrist, etc).
Plasters & Bandages, Cotton wool, First aid kit, Stethoscope.
Medical Bedding, Linen Savers, Drip & Annex.
Syringes, Thermometers, BP Machine, Nebulizer.
Urine test kits, Speculum, Alcohol testers, Otoscope, Alcohol swabs.
Tablet containers, Glucometers, lab suppliers and some protective clothing.